Picking up the Green Machine from South Australia – August 2012

A really quick road trip across south western NSW to northern Adelaide and back collecting the Green Machine – a Cub Camper Spacematic Full Off Road Camper Trailer.


And we knew we would have to replace the Forrester with something bigger – a Prado maybe ?

Then there was the fun of working out the gas stove (where are the matches ?) , the fridge, the sink water pump, the lights … avoiding efforts to bend the poles on pack up … where are the fuses … lots to learn.


August 2012 Trip to Collect the Green Machine from Northern Adelaide

David had his heart set on a Camper Trailer – I liked the Cub Camper models – but not the Green coloured one’s.

Then David spotted a barely used second hand off road fully optioned up Cub Camper trailer for sale – in Adelaide.

So we headed off to inspect,  and hopefully buy it.

We bought it.

Our Green Machine



The Trip

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Three months later we had bought a Toyota Prado for a 13,000 km trip up north to Cape York and the Gulf  of Carpentaria – leaving in July 2013.