Solar power for free camping -Camper Trailer Australia No.47

ARB~ Premium Recovery Kit Camper Trailer Australia No.47

Brakes Suspension – Camper Trailer Australa No.47

Mobile phones Satellite Phoes – Camper Trailer Australia No.47

Prep outback driving Camper Trailer Australia No.47

Fridges Camper Trailer Australia No.47

Voltage Sensitive Relays for 12v systems Camper Trailer Australia N.47

Outback Driving – Overlander July 2011

Communications Overlander 4wd Oct 2011

Tyres – Overlander 4wd July 2011

Trip prep – Overland 4WD Oct 2011

Recovery tips – Overland 4wd Oct 2011

Driving in sand – Overland Oct 2011

Mods for the Cape York Trip – Campeeer Traileer Touring No.20


Inverters – Caamper Trailer Touring No.20

Wheels – Campeer Traileer Touring No.20

Camper Trailer Touring No.20  – setting up your camper traileer

Refur your Cub Campeer Trailer- Camper Traileer Touring No.20

Recovery jacks

Recovery Jack Long Handle Shovel Powerfl 4×4 $89

Checklist for camper trailer before heading off – Camper Trailer Australia No. 56 pp66-74 – also see No.53

4WD  Vehicle preparation – checks – Camper Trailer Australia No. 54

Snorkels – Camper Trailer Australia No.51

Oil lubrication – Camper Trailer Australia No.57

Glass repair kits – Camper Trailer Australia No. 56
Essential 4WD Handbook No.6 – Camper Trailer Upgrade Guidetake !

VMS Navigation for Prado – – street nav- 4×4 maps – camera ready

GPS review – Camper Trailer Australia – No.51 – HEMA, Magellan, Navaman, VMS, TomTom, Garmin Montana, 

Radio UHF – Camper Trailer Australia – No. 55

Korrs Lighting kits – Camper Trailer No.53

mobile phones -external antennae -contact your service provider to ensure purchase antenna that best suits your handset – Telstra Next G Blue Tick -usually not smartphones
sat phone travelling – 180 days over 2 years can get 50%subsidy – shop for plan that suits – some satellite dishes can be used for phone and internet
Basic satellite dish and tv receiver =$700ish -need to check if can use pay tv subscription while travelling
Systems -VASTand Optus
sat phones – Campersat – Hornsby

Sat Phones – Camper Trailer – Australia No. 55

Solar Panels – 20  metre leads so panels can be in sun while Camper Trailer is in the shade

Recovery Gear

Recovery gear tips – Camper Trailer Australia No.54

Recovery point on camper trailer rear

Two deep cell batteries

12 v Reading light  on flexi stem

Gaffer Tape

Dealing with Bugs – Shooaway – battery powered

Expresso Coffee – Camper Trailer Australia No.51 –

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