Anne Beadell Highway – SW outh Australia – to SE Western Great Victoria Desert – Coober Pedy – Camper Trailer Touring No.20

Simpson Desert – Overlander July 2011

GawlerRanges –  Camper Trailer Touring No.20 – www.

Nullarbor _Camper Trailer Australia No. 52

Rabbit Island Soak Mt Rescue Conservation Park – Camper Trailer Touring No. 25

Coffin Bay – Caravan Motorhome – On Tour – Touring on a Budget No.1

Flinders Ranges – Caravan Motorhome  – Your Complete Guide to Free Camping
– Camper Trailer Australia No.52

Oodnadatta Track – Camper Trailer Touring No.20

Overlander 4wd Oct 2011

Tanami – Camper Trailer Touring No.20

Arkaroola – take a telescope near to Wilpena Pound – Camper Trailer Australia No. 57

Mt Gambier Trailer Australia No.56

Lake Alexandrina Victor Harbour – Camper Trailer AustraliaNo.53

Simpson Desert – Camper Trailer Touring No.20

Simpson Desert -Simpson Conservation Park – Camper Trailer No. 50,55, 57

– 3 passages – French Line, WAA Line, Rig Road (easiest for camper trailers)
– best to cross West to East due to prevailing wind

– need Deserts Parks Pass $125 – mandatory for Simpson
Coober Pedy

The Painted Desert

Oodnadatta Track – camper Trailer Australia No. 52 No.50
Birdsvile Track – Camper Trailer No.50
Lake Eyre National Park

Eyre Peninsula -Boston Bay – Port Lincoln Camper Trailer Australia  No.54 – camping –

Coorong – FlerieuMurray River – Camper Trailer Australia No.54 – Deep Creek Conservation Park – Kangaroo Island – Camper Trailer Australia No. 53 -Lake Albert Camper Trailer No.51


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